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FIC: Everyday Tragedies (RPF, G, gen, Rhett & Link)
Title: Everyday Tragedies
Fandom: Rhett & Link (YouTubers)
Word Count: 500
Rating: G
Category: Gen
Warnings: None
Summary: “You killed a pogo stick!”

Notes: This is RPF; I wasn't stalking these guys & taking notes back in the winter of 1999, I was in Massachusetts with a six-month-old. This was obviously based heavily on Rhett’s write-up of The Tragedy. Surprisingly little else about Link’s concussion and pelvic break is available; there’s also not much on-record about how the injury affected Link’s last semester of college (if he did actually graduate in 1999 – again, hard facts proved elusive).

This fills a square on my h/c bingo card (prompt: head trauma).

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Media References to Fanfic, the week ending 8/16/14
Natalie Corner (Mirror) and Catherine Earp (Digital Spy) both had articles based on a an Attittude piece on Sherlock’s Andrew Scott, who is more than happy with the amount of attention fans give to creating erotic fantasy starring him and Sherlock.

Sarah Gronostalski wrote about The art of fan fiction for The Daily (University of Washington).

The Mirror’s Katy Forrester wrote We wouldn't want to mess with Directioners, but it seems one writer has riled them up after signing a book deal to release her fan fiction. […] One Direction fans are NOT happy and are now campaigning to stop the release by trending the hashtag '#stopannatodd' worldwide on Twitter, claiming she's not a fan and the stories could upset band members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

For Adweek, Michelle Castillo wrote Popular [YouTube] clips involve crowd-sourced topics some parents may not want their kids to see—from reading erotic fan fiction about themselves to baking penis cakes. The Brady Bunch it ain’t.

In “A More Pseudonymous Internet” for The Atlantic, Lydia Laurenson wrote My ability to be an effective creator was hugely shaped by writing popular fan fiction and running side-project businesses in virtual worlds.

In a piece for Lamorinda Weekly on a local professor who has started a literary journal, Ryan McKinley wrote Like many storytellers [Jeff] Chon started writing at an early age, "I remember being eight and writing Spider-Man fan fiction," Chon said.

Slender Man, Sherlock Holmes in Japan, Doctor Who, Tom Hiddleston as Ben-Hur, John Barrowman, Chinese film industry, World ConCollapse )

For Arizona Republic, Kellie Hwang wrote Among Argentineans who seek social change, Juanito and Ramona are folk heroes, and they're the subject of many songs, poems, stories, YouTube videos and fan fiction. They're also not real.

Deb McAlister-Holland offered A Fresh Look at Copyright & Fan Fiction on Business 2 Community. For the same publication, Justin Spicer wrote The world of young adult novels finds countless hits in trilogies obsessed with teenagers fighting against a dystopic future where adults have taken away decisions and resources, squashing freedom of choice in favor of myopic control. The Harry Potter series has spawned countless copycats and websites filled with devout fan fiction. When an audience finds a world or subject matter that it enjoys, it wants to live in it as long as possible.

Finally, from the London Evening Standard: “[Monster is] breathtakingly awful,” our movie mole tells us. “It reads like amateur Twilight fan-fiction.” If so, the film’s backers might be onto something — Fifty Shades of Grey hasn’t done too badly.

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You can see me reading excerpts from previous posts at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6Q6_qKRwLzrSSx8HQZC3g.

Media References to Fanfic, the week ending 8/9/14
pensnest alerted me to a Sunday Times piece on One Direction fanfic by Christian Koch: The boys of One Direction have hot gay sex, get cancer and end up in Auschwitz. Welcome to the — often tasteless but very big — world of fan fiction.

A piece for The Independent by Charley Ross was headlined One Direction fans protest six-figure fan fiction book deal as #SuspendAnnaTodd trends on Twitter worldwide, and the headline of an International Business Times article by Rebecka Schumann read One Direction Fans Slam Harry Styles Fan Fiction Author Anna Todd. Fiona Keating, writing for International Business Times UK, included some dialog from After; looked like, yk, plot, to me. And, from The Rolla Daily News: It’s not really specific about what exactly they want [Todd] suspended from, but judging from the venom in some of the tweets, it’s possible the answer is “by the neck.”

(For background on Todd and After, check out this Clive Thompson piece in Wired.)

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San Francisco Examiner’s Giselle Velazquez wrote that Robert Picardo/Bill Nye is the "Star Trek" slash fiction nobody wanted to see.

In a review of Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Land for Miami Herald, Nancy Klingener wrote The power of the illusion is immense and intense. That’s why we have fan fiction, cosplay and a million websites.

Finally, for Crushable, Jill O’Rourke explained Why You’re Already A Fan Of Fanfiction Even If You’ve Never Read It.

N recent things & to-do
- E's been back from a three-week intensive art "pre-college" program since last Saturday. It seems to have been a great experience; I feel like she could do anything after HS now, and that hasn't always been the case.

- I committed fic!

- I had a migraine mid-week; the worst pain didn't last that long, but I was fuzzy going in and out of it, and a lot of household/church/soccer stuff didn't get done. So this weekend's to-do list has gotten a little long, which means I'm going to share it :-)

- post story
- eat breakfast
- shower
- weed fridge
- get farm-share veggies into fridge
- fold and put away laundry
- finish processing stuff E brought back - create several "college" boxes, with the dishes she took up, and the extra-long twin sheets that she used, etc.
- contact a roofer
- church stuff - figure out when parsonage apt is available, how should we handle utilities, figure out reasonable rent, find agent; roofer for parsonage garage?; number for HA contact
- ask for dispensation for a soccer kid denied :-(
- start soccer FA spreadsheet
- register kids D texted me about yesterday (kids receiving FA need to be hand-registered)
- go through list of coaches, make sure all are CORI'd and that I have license copies for everyone.
- make up list of all kids who have not registered but have told me they will (40% of our probable kids for soccer teams have not yet registered - we're a very accommodating league, for a bunch of reasons) - I'm particularly concerned that we may have too many GU12 girls yet again, and if we're going to need to bump any up to GU14 that should happen sooner rather than later.
- media refs!
- bills!
- shopping: bananas, hot dogs, luna bars, gluten-free rolls
- G to R's house
- E to S's party and G too!
- Call K
- Fetch work computer - I wasn't able to cut my hours for the coming week, so I need to get some in this weekend.

Media References to Fanfic, the week ending 8/2/14
Los Angeles Times’s Josh Rottenberg quoted Ryan Kroft, MTV’s senior vice president of specials and events, on the first-ever mtvU Fandom Awards, presented at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con: “When you see all the enthusiasm fans have for their favorite TV shows and movies and the way they’re expressing it online through fan fiction, fan art and Tumblr — it just seemed like it would be great if we could come up with a franchise that would embrace that passion.”

Amy Zimmerman delved into the world of Presidential FanFiction for The Daily Beast.

Nell Frizzell explained How fan fiction made improv cool to readers of The Guardian.

In an excellent review piece on fandom for NewStatesman, Elizabeth Minkel wrote In the middle of the century, science fiction enthusiasts embraced the term and brought us the first “fan fiction”, original sci-fi penned by amateur writers and published in fan magazines. Soon – and notably with the rise of media fandom, the biggest spark being the premiere of Star Trek in 1966 – fanfic became what we see today, fan-authored works derived from original source material.

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For Cosmopolitan, Alex Rees wrote that This morning in news you probably didn't see coming: Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night, as the two celebs squared off at a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain. Sure, there's probably fan-fic out there somewhere involving the Biebs and Legolas, but in that literary genre they're lovers, not fighters. (Sample scene: Justin is plaiting Legolas's hair gently as they bask in the afterglow of their sexy union, etc., etc. "There's gonna be one less lonely elf," he sings, giggling; Legolas sighs contentedly.)

In an homage to his internet router for The Star-Ledger, Allan Hoffman wrote That’s the way it is with the internet: I just want it to be there, ready for me and my family, at all times, whether I’m binge-watching “Game of Thrones” on my iPad or my daughter is searching for “Hunger Games” fan fiction on her Chromebook.

And I’ll end with another Comic-Con piece. NPR reporter Linda Holmes wrote I first wound up in a panel of women who do fan art and fan fiction surrounding the current TV incarnation of Teen Wolf. And you know what they were like? They were a lot like every other panel of geeky young writers I've ever seen. They spoke intelligently and thoughtfully about writing and creativity and what they like and don't like to make art about. They talked about the responsibility they feel when they write about mental illness and thoughtfully chewed over the idea of creating transgender characters to add to what's sort of a preexisting universe. They rolled their eyes at a video that was circulating in which Teen Wolf actors were placed on the spot and asked to read fan fiction aloud for yuks, shrugging it off as a cheap effort to make actors uncomfortable on camera and get them to dump on their own fans.

- - - -

To see me reading entries from previous weeks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6Q6_qKRwLzrSSx8HQZC3g

N recent things
- First, yes, we live near Revere, but, no, we didn't encounter yesterday's tornado. Just a lot of rain and some impressive lightning; and there was, for a while, an impressive river right in front of G's school.

- We've finished watching Warehouse 13; so, so bummed that that show is over.

- We watched SPN 2x07 "The Usual Suspects" the other night - I think it would have been more suspenseful if I hadn't known who was playing Det. Ballard. I'm usually slow about these things, but I figured out the bad guy right away. Mostly, I think I'm just anxious to get to Castiel, but at the rate we're able to watch SPN it's going to be years.

N recent things
- Was lying in bed feeling guilty about things I needed to do, and maybe a little anxious about our meeting with our financial planner this morning, since we're such slackers. So I got up and did some emailing; and now it's too late to go back to sleep. Anyway, I think a quick to-do list would help, so: shower, banana, email work that I'll be late, throw soup makings into pot, get dressed, get clothes out of dryer, maybe fold some, dishes out of dishwasher, dishes into dishwasher, G to camp. There I go. Completely manageable.

- I think I finally have made Python do what I want it to do.

- Kittens eating your toes is pretty cute, until it isn't anymore. Fortunately, kittens are distractible.

Media References to Fanfic, the week ending 7/26/14
In The Independent, Adam Sherwin wrote that yet another work of Twilight-based fan fiction [is] promised the same literary success as 50 Shades of Grey. This one is called A Pound of Flesh, by Lancashire schoolteacher Sophie Jackson.

For NBC News’s website, Keith Wagstaff wrote that Thanks to 3-D printing technology, custom toys could become the new fan fiction, a way for obsessives young and old to connect with the TV shows, movies and video games that they love.

In a piece for The Wire about the New York Times’s decision to endorse marijuana legalization, Adam Chandler shared that This latest Times crusade is already inspiring some fan fiction in which all of the paper's editorial voices are stoned.

Reporting on Comic-Con 2014 forThe Guardian, Emma-Lee Moss wrote that she found the authors she spoke with warm and approachable. After all, a lot of them started out as fans, flexing their literary muscles on fan-fiction forums before attempting to break into publishing.

Julia Lllewellyn Smith wrote a vaguely accurate - though quote-filled! - fanfic 101 piece for The Telegraph.

Knotting, tattoos (and Gene Kelly), Anna Todd, Angela Carter, Game of ThronesCollapse )

Jacob Demmitt wrote about a small fanfic con for Roanoke Times.

In a TIME article on “The Rise of Fangirls at Comic-Con,” Eliana Dockterman wrote a plethora of cool female characters in [Sci-fi and fantasy] — from Deanerys in Game of Thrones to Mystique in X-Men — have connected with fans and inspired them to create their own badass ladies in fan fiction or even within the industry.

For Forbes’s Quora, teacher Peter Kruger wrote I’ve had students create fan-fic blogs for book projects in the past, write and direct webisodes for scenes from plays or important book moments, or make their own classroom wikis about novels.

Finally, Erin Anderssen discussed the impact of online activities, including fanfic writing, on women’s public lives in a piece for The Globe and Mail.

- - - - -

FYI, I've posted me reading a subset of last week's roundup to Youtube: http://youtu.be/klpb-sUaD3k

N recent things
- The plan for yesterday was to spend it attacking the front porch, which is enclosed, and basically used for storage. (So, yes, the first thing you encounter when you come to our house is a room full of disorganized storage.) But, then we realized that a decent % of our neighbors' tree was dangling over our backyard, so we instead spent the body of yesterday dealing with that (which involved our neighbor up our ladder leaning against his fence using our chain saw at the end of a 10' pole); then, since we had momentum, we and neighbor continued to hack at unwanted foliage, mostly at the weed trees growing out of an offset in the retaining wall on the other side of the yard. Then C and I continued to cut and rake and trim, and now our entire property about as tidy as it ever is. We're trying to decide what to do about lawn furniture - we have a bunch of plastic chairs given to us when friends moved to Seattle in 1999, and I'm tired of cleaning them all every year - and we want to set up a basketball hoop. The hoop will be straightforward, but G also wants a surface for dribbling...

So, a good, productive day - and our back yard is much brighter now (though it still feels very private). We may get to the porch this afternoon, but we have other things that need doing, so we'll see.

- Other house thing - there seems to be water upwelling right in front of the washing machine. It hasn't rained in a few days - I'm v. puzzled.

- I put up a video onto youtube of me reading a subset of last weekend's media refs: http://youtu.be/klpb-sUaD3k

N recent things
- I played soccer last night, for the first time in a couple of weeks. I wish I could properly describe what it feels like! I play fullback - my job is to disrupt the ambitions of the (faster, usually-but-not-always younger) forwards. I wait, and wait, and then they come, passing the ball ahead-between, and I charge (or try to catch up), and then try to do SOMETHING - cause a course change, a pass not to happen, maybe get a toe on the ball, changing the break-away to something more controllable. Then it's about marking, and blocking, and keeping the shot from crystalizing.

When the action is at the other end of the field, OTOH... the breeze was coming from five-miles-distant ocean last night, smelling salty and green. And sometimes a train would go by. I could have stood there forever.

- I've been thinking (based on listening to Rhett & Link's Ear Biscuit podcasts of interviews with internet pioneers) that I might try reading my Media Refs posts aloud for a few weeks and posting them to Youtube. Because I don't have enough hobbies.

- Yesterday, as I was parking at work, I realized I was still wearing the Rob Gronkowski t-shirt I'd thrown on right after I'd showered. I don't wear logo t-shirts to work. Fortunately, though the mall was closed, Kohl's opens at 9 a.m.

- Today: drive G to camp, work, get veggies, back to work, home to take-out seafood (C has a plan) and Warehouse 13 (as G will be working a play tonight).

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